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53 x 45.5 cm (F10)、 イメージトランスファー (デジタル複製) + 岩絵の具
Image Transfer (Limited edition/digital reproduction with texture)
拡大画像はこちら (Too see the details of the original)>


パネルに直接転写しているため額装なしでそのまま飾っていただけます (側面の処理については3枚目の写真をご覧ください)。

Digitally reproduced image is transferred to the surface of the wooden panel and coated with some paint, metallic foil and acrylic. Can be hang on the wall directly without a frame.
First two photos are the original work and the rest is to show the side of the wooden panel (painted in silver) and the texture of the image transfer work.

縮小、拡大も可能ですので他のサイズをご希望の場合はご相談ください。Also available in other F sizes.
The original painting is sold and not available.